Schwinn Mountain Bike Review: A Bike Worth Considering

Schwinn Mountain Bike Review

Do you consider yourself active or adventurous? If so, a Schwinn Mountain Bike review may be just what you need. This affordable recreational product is a sturdy choice for tackling rugged terrains.

For those of us who reflect nostalgically on riding our bicycles as children, Schwinn was often part of those memories. Schwinn bikes maybe took you from your house to your best friend’s or to the pool. Maybe it took you to your part-time job or school.

Now that you’re older, it may be time to replace your bubblegum pink or bright yellow bike with a more mature option. And the Schwinn Mountain Bike may be a great choice for you. But first, why do you need a mountain bike at all?

Mountain Bikes Versus Traditional Bikes

You might be wondering, why should I consider a mountain bike? Maybe you have a traditional bicycle sitting in your garage that seemingly will do. In fact, there are many differences between a mountain and “comfort” bike.

If you’re going to put in the time and money for a bike, you want to make sure you choose the best one for you.

Comfort bikes

Comfort bikes (or traditional bikes) are great for enjoying leisurely time or perhaps commuting if you live in a city. The pros for comfort bikes include its low center of gravity for easy handling and lighter weight compared to mountain bikes.

Comfort bikes

Most comfort bikes feature an upright riding position, providing an enjoyable view.

However, comfort bikes are not as tough as a mountain bike. And if you are looking to venture outside your comfort zone and into the woods, you’ll want a mountain bike.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes, like the Schwinn Mountain Bike, boast sturdier frames. Also, you will notice that the tires are wider than those of a traditional bike.

Mountain bikes

Consequently, the wheels have raised l​​ugs, which act like “teeth” to help the rider grip tougher terrain like gravel and larger rocks.

Riders find these features beneficial on mountainous terrain, dirt or gravel paths, or extreme streets.

The Schwinn Mountain Bike Review

Like traditional bikes, a mountain bike is a recreational vehicle that you pedal. The Schwinn Mountain Bike differs from a traditional bicycle in that it features different wheels and more gears, aimed at navigating tougher terrain than your typical sidewalk or city street.

For those looking to pick up a new hobby, the sheer number of mountain bikes available can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is designed for all riders.

The product boasts a reasonably-priced yet highly-adaptable bicycle that new and veteran riders will enjoy and appreciate.

Schwinn Mountain Bike review specifications

Any Schwinn Mountain Bike review should tell of the bike’s aluminum full-suspension frame. Its front-suspension fork provides reliable and responsive riding. Also, the bike touts 24 speeds thanks to a Shimano EZ-Fire trigger.

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The Shimano EZ-Fire trigger is located on the handlebars and is what allows you to change speeds. This Shimano product is great for novice riders, as its display is easy to see. Makers of Shimano feel the shifter is for sports and casual riding and is great for inexperienced riders.

Additionally, the Schwinn Mountain Bike features a front disc brake and rear alloy V-brake. That’s handy for coming to a stop quickly and safely.

Finally, alloy rims on the bike ensure easy everyday riding but also provide support for more rugged terrain. The alloy composition means smooth gear shifts and less maintenance for the owner.

Weight and dimensions

The Schwinn Mountain Bike measures 60 inches by 8 inches by 29 inches. Also, the entire package ships at a weight of 51 pounds while the bike itself weighs 43 pounds.


The Schwinn Mountain Bike sports a New Down Hill aluminum dual-suspension frame. Dual-suspension bikes absorb the impact in both the front and the rear of the bike. That makes the ride more comfortable for you.

In a way, the bikes act like a sponge, absorbing the discomfort of hitting a rock or hole so that your body doesn’t have to.

With most bikes, you get an aluminum or steel frame. The Schwinn Mountain Bike is unique in that you get the benefit of both.

Wheels, rims, and tires

The wheels of the Schwinn Mountain Bike are 26 inches and made of alloy. This bike features high profile tires, providing great traction in rain or shine.

If you’re considering this bike for off-road riding, you want a tire that you can trust. The tires firmly grasp the ground but are lightweight, making less unnecessary work for you.

How does the Schwinn Mountain Bike review stack up?

Overall, there are 277 Schwinn Mountain Bike reviews currently on Amazon. Customers deemed the product worthy of 3.9 out of 5.0 stars.

More than half of reviewers credited the bike with the full rating. And Biking Tribe awarded the Schwinn Mountain Bike fifth-best (out of five) on its Schwinn Mountain Bike review.

How We Determined the Schwinn Mountain Bike Review

How We Determined the Schwinn Mountain Bike Review

In order to provide a comprehensive Schwinn Mountain Bike review, we compiled product information, specifications, and customer reviews across several websites. We focused primarily on Amazon. Here, the product specifications and customer reviews were plentiful and informative.

For more content-specific vocabulary, we conducted research on the various types of bicycles available. The goal was to provide information that caters to novice and veteran riders alike. Additionally, we researched different mountain bikes by multiple manufacturers and in different price ranges.

Schwinn Mountain Bike Versus Its Competitors

Schwinn Mountain Bike Versus Its Competitors

As noted, you could go insane trying to sift through all of the available mountain bike options. Certainly, Schwinn is not the only brand out there nor is the Schwinn Mountain Bike its only offering. Have no fear, that’s why we’re here!

We’ve compiled a list of three competing brands and models so you can make a more informed decision as to which bike is best for you.

Easier on your wallet

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If you’re budget-conscious or not ready to make a price commitment, Amazon offers the Mongoose S​​t​​atus 2.2 Mountain Bike. The Mongoose is in the low price range at nearly half the cost outlined in the Schwinn Mountain Bike review.

Like the Schwinn, this bike offers 26-inch wheels made of alloy. Similarly, the Mongoose is comprised of an aluminum frame and offers more than 20 speeds, which is 3 fewer than the Schwinn. Lastly, the Mongoose features a Shimano rear derailleur.

Did you know?

Aesthetically, this bike is red, but the color that dominates the Schwinn is just an accent color here. The Mongoose is mostly black.

Of the 52 reviews on Amazon, the Mongoose earned a 3.2 out of 5.0 stars. You should consider this when looking at the Mongoose option. The Schwinn offers considerably more reviews and a higher overall rating.

Fans of the Mongoose applaud its ability to carry heavier riders and how easy it was to assemble. Dissenters felt the bike was not designed for taller riders, and some were unhappy to find the product was damaged upon receiving it.

Schwinn Protocol’s sister

No products found.

Another popular model from the beloved Schwinn brand is the High Timber Mountain Bike. This product is offered through Amazon and the Schwin​​n website for less than that on the Schwinn Mountain Bike review.

Like the focus product in this Schwinn Mountain Bike review, the Timber adeptly tackles a variety of rugged terrains. It offers 24-, 27.5-, and 29-inch wheels on either 12- or 18-inch frames.

Likewise, the High Timber features strong alloy composition and Shimano rear derailleurs. It also offers 21 speeds for riders.

On Amazon, the High Timber received a 3.5 out of 5 star rating, stemming from 306 customer reviews. Supporters of the product praise its comfort, smooth shifting, and assembly.

Many consumers felt it held up well on a variety of terrains.

Those who regretted their High Timber purchase commented on the gears, specifically that they came damaged or broke easily.

Others lament putting this much money into a poor product. They wish they had spent a bit more on a better-quality purchase. Similar to comments on the Schwinn Mountain Bike review, some customers felt Schwinn didn’t live up to its name.

The aforementioned Biking Tribe felt the Timber deserved its second-place rating.

Gravity mountain bike

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Another comparable option to the Schwinn Mountain Bike is the Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike. You’ll find this bike has many similar features and a comparable cost in the mid-price range.

Like the Schwinn Mountain Bike, the Gravity FSX features a Shimano shifter and 24 speeds. However, the bike differs from the Schwinn in that it features disc brakes and adjustable front and rear suspension. Makers tout its newer, lighter aluminum frame.

The Gravity earns 4.0 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Fans of the bike praise its price and suitability for beginner riders.

However, opponents to the bike found the assembly to be difficult and the quality of the bike to be lacking. One reviewer even commented that this mountain bike confusingly came with road tires.

Overall, the Gravity provides a similar product in terms of price and features, but it seems as though the Schwinn holds up better in terms of quality.

Smooth Ups and Downs Thanks to Shimano Shifting

Okay, so Shimano has little to do with the pros and cons of the mountain bikes in this review. However, you should know at a glance critical information for your potential mountain bike purchase.


When looking over the Schwinn Mountain Bike review before purchase, keep the following benefits in mind:


Alternatively, you should remember the following downsides in the Schwinn Mountain Bike review:


  • Ability to handle off-road and extreme terrains
  • Durability and ability to absorb shocks
  • Cost
  • Wide range of speeds
  • Smooth-shifting
  • Traction control of tires


  • Weight of product
  • Malfunctioning of gears if ridden on roads
  • Decline in quality as compared to what consumers expect of Schwinn
  • Limited color options


A mountain bike can be a pricey commitment, and you want to know how to purchase the right one. Overall, the Schwinn Mountain Bike provides a versatile, affordable option if you are a novice mountain bike rider. I would recommend purchasing the Schwinn over other brands for a few reasons.

  • First, the assembly of the Schwinn Mountain Bike is easier than most bikes. Another upside is the fact that you can use the manual that comes with the product or the online version. A setup time of 15 to 20 minutes cannot be beat.
  • Second, the Schwinn is a great option if you are a novice rider looking to explore trails and rugged terrain. The Shimano shifter seems to be of high quality.

And it appears as though the overall frame of the Schwinn holds up well. I tend to agree with Shawna New​​man, who admits that the Schwinn is not the greatest option out there. But the Schwinn is perfect for those on a budget or committed to the brand.

The Schwinn Mountain Bike is a great option if you are looking to get healthy or explore your adventurous side! Where will you ride your Schwinn Mountain Bike? Let us know in the comments!


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