Ugly Stik Elite Review: A Fishing Rod Worth Purchasing?

Ugly Stik Elite Review

One of my favorite stories growing up was about my dad catching half of a tuna. And I can only imagine the type of rod he was using. There are tons of fishing rods available, and for an Ugly Stik Elite review, there should be a few choices.

Catching half of a tuna was quite the feat since it seemed like a shark or other fish ate the other half. If you want to catch a fish of any kind, you need the right equipment. So, can an Ugly Stik Elite rod withstand the push and pull of a fishing trip?

Our Initial Ugly Stik Elite Review

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Fishing is a pastime for many people, and it’s an excellent outdoor activity for almost anyone. You can take the whole family out for a day or weekend of fishing. But before you do, you need the right gear.

You need bait, hooks, fishing line, and you can’t forget a fishing rod. You’ll find tons of fishing rods on the market, and no two of them are exactly the same.

If you want to make your next fishing trip a memorable one, you need a fishing rod that works for you and the fish you plan to catch. So we made sure to consider different rods for our Ugly Stik Elite review.

That way, you have a few options to choose from, and you can decide which is best for your next round of fishing.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

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This first rod in our Ugly Stik Elite review is the standard Spinning Rod. The rod has a line rating of 8 to 17 pounds A rod’s line rating notes the breaking strength of line that you can use with the rod.

So you can pair this rod with a line that has a breaking strength of 8 to 17 pounds.

The Spinning Rod has added graphite for a lighter weight and more sensitivity. This rod’s one-piece stainless steel guide makes it very durable.

The rod’s cork handles make it more comfortable to hold, even when fishing for a long time. It’s a suitable fishing rod for beginners and experienced fishers.

You can use the rod with various types of fishing line, and the tip is sensitive to light nibbles. Cushioned stainless steel hoods keep your reel in place.

This rod comes in different lengths from 4.5 feet to 7.5 feet. Certain sizes come in one piece, while others come in two-piece models.

Ugly Stik Elite Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Rod 

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If you want a fishing rod to use to catch salmon or steelhead, you might prefer the Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Rod. This rod is a bit longer than the standard spinning rod.

The rod also has the perfect action you need to catch salmon and steelhead. Like the other rod, this one has added graphite to make it lighter, and it has more sensitivity.

One-piece stainless steel guides are durable, and they keep insert pop-outs at bay. The rod has conventional style reel seats along with cushioned stainless steel hoods.

This rod also has cork handles to make it more comfortable to hold while you fish. It offers a lot of flexibility with the lures you can use. However, the weight can tire your arm after a long day.

You can choose between the weights medium, heavy, and extra-heavy at both 8.5 and 9 feet long. At 9 feet, you can also get a medium-light rod. Regardless of weight and size, the rod comes in two pieces.

Ugly Stik Elite Casting Rod 

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So far in our Ugly Stik Elite review, we’ve looked at spinning rods. However, you might prefer to fish with a casting rod. Spinning rods are typically better for beginners because casting rods have a high learning curve.

If you’re more advanced and ready to challenge yourself, consider the Ugly Stik Elite Casting Rod. This rod has a clear tip for extra strength while fishing.

Like the other rods in our Ugly Stik Elite review, the casting rod has added graphite to make it lighter. The graphite also helps with sensitivity.

This rod has one-piece stainless steel guides to keep inserts from popping out, and they make the rod more durable. The exposed blank style reel seats have cushioned stainless steel hoods.

Cork handles make the rod comfortable to hold. This rod has a line rating of 10 to 20, so you have some flexibility in your choice of fishing line.

The rod comes in different weights, including ultra-light, medium, and medium-heavy. Depending on the weight you choose, you can select a rod that’s 6.5 or 7 feet long.

What customers have to say?

The average Ugly Stik Elite review from customers is pretty positive. Of course, each rod has different ratings and reviews.

First, the average Ugly Stik Elite review for the Spinning Rod results in an average of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. One customer said they’d used the rod to catch fish from 1 pound to over 100 pounds and that the rod is durable. Another customer said their Ugly Stik is their go-to fishing rod.

However, some customers aren’t happy. One customer said they lost many fish and lures before the rod snapped. Someone else complained that the rod doesn’t work with braided line.

Also on Amazon, the average Ugly Stik Elite review for the Salmon/Steelhead rod is an average of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. One customer loves the quality and durability as well as the bend.

But, two other customers mentioned that their rods snapped in half, both with fish at 10 pounds or less.

Finally, the average Ugly Stik Elite review for the Casting Rod is also an average of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. One customer praised the action, power, and sensitivity of the rod. However, a second customer said after exchanging their rod twice, and each one had different problems than the last.

Reeling It In

Reeling It In

The Ugly Stik Elite is more than one fishing rod, but even so, it’s far from the only line of rods. If you’re looking for the perfect fishing rod, there are few things to consider.

Of course, we can’t cover everything on fishing rods. But here are some common questions you might have about choosing a fishing rod.

How do you choose the best fishing rod?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors. It depends on where and when you plan to fish, your fishing experience, and what fish you want to catch.

Heavier rods can probably handle heavier fish than lighter rods. And you might want a specific rod for fishing salmon or steelhead.

You might also have to decide between spinning rods and casting rods.

What is a spinning rod?

A spinning rod is one of the easiest types of fishing rods to use. They’re versatile, and you can use them with a variety of baits and lures.

Spinning rods used to be for catching smaller fish, but these days, some models allow you to catch larger fish. You can use the rod for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

What is a casting rod?

According to Take Me Fishing, casting rods are difficult to learn, but they offer a few benefits. First, they’re more accurate than spinning rods.

They’re also a better choice for casting heavy lures, and they’re more sensitive. You can also use them for sight-fishing.

What do you use them for?

Both spinning and casting rods have their own pros and cons. If you’re new to fishing, you should stick to spinning rods. And advanced fishers can also use spinning rods because of their versatility.

However, if you want a more accurate rod, you should switch to a casting rod. They can be hard to learn at first, but you’ll reap many rewards once you learn.

Which is better?

No type of rod is better than the other. Each has its purpose, and there are tons of other factors that affect fishing rods.

However, consider how you plan to use the rod. Check out the specs and features that we noted in this Ugly Stik Elite review.

If you’re looking for a light rod that’s easy to use, go with a spinning rod. But if you prefer a heavy rod and more control, then you should opt for a casting rod.

Spinning and Spinning

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Whether you go fishing regularly or want to try it out, you need the proper gear. It can be too easy to pick up the first fishing rod you see, but it may not be the best for you.

For our Ugly Stik Elite review, we looked at a few fishing rods from the Elite line. Two of them were spinning rods, and the third was a casting rod.

We also wanted to see what other fishing rods are available. So we compared the Ugly Stik Elite rods to the competition.

When looking at each rod, we considered the size, features, and customer ratings of each.

Choose your bait

For our Ugly Stik Elite review, we compared three Elite rods to each other and some of the competition. To find similar rods from other companies, we looked for rods with similar sizes and specs to the Ugly Stik Elite rods.

From there, we were able to get a better comparison.

And once we looked at the features and customer ratings of the rods, we were able to make our final Ugly Stik Elite review.

Cadence Spinning Rod

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The Cadence Spinning Rod is very similar to the one from Ugly Stik. This rod uses graphite, which makes it light yet durable, and it’s also sensitive so you can feel when you’ve caught something.

It has a carbon fiber blank, and it’s suitable for catching bass, walleye, and trout. The rod has durable stainless steel frames and a reel seat.

You can choose from two handle configurations, including a carbon split grip and a full grip with premium cork. Stainless steel guides keep the line from sticking to them, and it transfers vibrations down to your hands, which helps with sensitivity.

The stainless steel also makes the rod durable. You can collapse the rod into two pieces, which is helpful if you don’t have much storage space. When you use it, it still feels like a one-piece rod.

Amazon customers give this rod an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars.

OKUMA Celilo Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Rod

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Similar to the Ugly Stik Elite Salmon/Steelhead rod, this one from OKUMA is longer than your traditional spinning rod. This rod is 9.5 feet long, and it has a line rating of 6 to 12 pounds. If 9.5 feet is too long, it also comes in 8.5 feet, but the shorter rod might have different specs.

It has graphite to help with sensitivity, and it has a medium light action. The rod has aluminum oxide guide inserts and stainless steel hooded reel seats.

This rod has well-made cork grips, which make it comfortable for your hands. The rod is reliable, and good quality, and many professionals use it.

As with the title, this rod is perfect for catching salmon and steelhead.

The average customer rating is 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod

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The Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod is basically a casting rod, except the name is slightly different. It’s light and sensitive, and the guides help improve the rod’s performance.

This rod has special wrapping at three different angles, and the placement of the guides work with the wrapping to keep power smooth and consistent throughout the rod.

That power helps you maintain better control of the rod when dealing with big fish.

The rod also has a sanded smooth carbon blank. It has high-density grips, an ergonomic reel seat, and a hook keeper.

With an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars, it’s a popular choice on Amazon.

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Fishing is a fantastic outdoor activity for adults and children alike. It’s even something you can do as a family. But like other activities, you need some equipment before you head to your local lake.

In this Ugly Stik Elite review, we looked at a few Elite fishing rods. We looked at their sizes and features, and we also looked at some similar rods from the competition.

If you’re a beginner, we think the Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is an excellent first rod. And if you’re looking to challenge yourself, then the Casting Rod is perfect for you. The Salmon/Steelhead rod is excellent if you want to fish for salmon or steelhead.

Have you tried any of these rods? Leave your personal Ugly Stik Elite review in the comments!


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