The Best Water Balloon Games To Play On A Fun Summer Night

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Few things are more enjoyable than water balloon games. They help you stay cool during the hot summer months. The right games are a great way to get the whole family – or even the entire neighborhood – having fun.

There is no better way to beat the heat. Whether you stick to a traditional water balloon fight or get creative with tosses, relays, and games, you are sure to have a blast with these water balloon games.

Top Tips For Your Water Balloon Games

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The only real downside to water balloon games is the preparation it takes. Filling water balloons used to be a chore no one desired until one genius dad invented “Bunch O Balloons.” This simple tool fills dozens of water balloons at once.

Genius idea, right? Grab it on Amazon today, and you won’t be stuck waiting to fill and tie hundreds of water balloons for your games.

Another essential thing to keep in mind when preparing for water balloon games is the choking hazard they pose for younger children. Be sure to clear up popped water balloons and keep them out of the hands (and mouths!) of children while you play.

This will minimize risks and keep everyone having fun the whole time!

The Best Tossing Water Balloon Games

This first set of water balloon games capitalizes on the classic art of the water balloon toss. In each of these great games, you’ll find yourself working hard to pass the balloon without popping it.

Of course, if you’re too warm while playing, you might find that a nice douse with a water balloon is a welcome loss!

Water Balloon Egg Toss

The object of the water balloon egg toss is simple: don’t drop your balloon!

Divide your group into teams of two, standing in two lines with team members directly across from one another. Provide each group with a water balloon. Then, have them back up, so team members are 3 feet away from one another. One team member takes the balloon and tosses it across to their partner.

The difficulty of the game continues to increase as partners take a step back each time to increase the distance between them. If the balloon is dropped or broken, then that team is eliminated.

Keep increasing the distance until one team remains victorious.

Slippery Toss

The slippery toss is similar to the egg toss, but with a tricky twist. Have each player soap up their hands with dishwashing soap before the start of the game. If catching the water balloon was difficult before, it’s going to be even more slippery now!

Milk Jug Toss

For this game, follow the same directions as they egg toss game. Only this time have players throw the balloons back and forth trying to catch them in an empty milk jug with the top cut off.

Similarly, you can purchase these balloon launchers from Amazon for this game.

Blindfold Toss

Follow the same directions for the water balloon games above, except this time blindfold players and have them attempt to toss the balloons to one another.

If this game proves too tricky, try blindfolding just the thrower, allowing the catcher to see.

Catch And Duck

People is playing catch and duck water balloon

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Catch and duck is a wet twist on the classic game of dodge ball.

Divide players into two teams, having them stand at least 30 feet apart. Provide each group with a plastic tub filled with the same number of water balloons. At the start of the game, players attempt to hit the opposing team with water balloons.

If a water balloon is caught without breaking, it is set aside and kept for points. The game ends when each team is out of water balloons. Count how many balloons were caught on each group, and the team with the most wins.

The Best Relay Water Balloon Games

Water balloons

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These relay water balloons games are full of fun for groups of all ages. Players will have a blast dashing around while avoiding the splashes and pops of water balloons.

The Sweatpants Dash

This game is completely silly but also lots of fun. You’ll need a bunch of water balloons and two pairs of XXXL men’s sweatpants with elastic on the ankles.

Divide into two teams, with each group choosing a player to wear the sweatpants. Teams must get as many water balloons across the field by carrying them exclusively in the sweatpants.

Teams will fill up the legs of the sweatpants and send the player dashing across the field, working carefully to avoid popping any! Keep this game fun for the whole group by switching up who wears the pants each round.

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course for players to relay through while holding their water balloons. Have them crawl beneath ropes, chairs, and tables, jump on a trampoline, slide down a slide, climb through boxes, over kiddie pools, and other fun obstacles.

Once players have mastered the course, increase the difficulty. Make them walk backward, carry the water balloon on a spoon, or even (if it’s safe!) complete the course blindfolded.

Water Balloon Feet Pass

In this game, players are divided into two teams and given an equal number of water balloons. Players begin by sitting in a line side-by-side on the ground.

The goal of this game is to pass every water balloon down the line using only their feet. The team with the most unpopped balloons at the end of the race wins.

Leaky Water Balloons Relay

The goal of this game is to fill a small plastic container using only the water inside of water balloons. The trick? Each water balloon will have a small hole in it, allowing water to leak out as you run.

Divide into two teams and line up near a full tub of water balloons. Before a player takes off down the field toward the empty plastic tub, have an adult poke a small hole in the water balloon with a pin.

The player will take turns racing down the field with their leaky balloon to the waiting plastic container and attempt to get as much water into the container as possible. The first team to fill their plastic container wins.

Fork And Spoon Relay

Divide players into groups of two and line them up behind a starting line. Provide each pair with a water balloon, a plastic spoon, and a plastic fork. Groups must work together, one holding the spoon and one holding the fork to transport the water balloon down the field without popping or dropping it.

If the balloon is popped or dropped, players must return to the start and get another balloon. The first group to reach the finish line with their water balloon intact wins.

The Most Fun Water Balloon Games

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This final set of water balloon games takes classic competitions and gives them a watery twist.

Water Balloon Target Practice

Use hula hoops and sidewalk chalk to create numbered targets to toss balloons into. Keep score as players attempt to hit their desired targets with the water balloons.

Water Balloon Batting Practice

Have players use a plastic bat, such as a wiffle bat, to hit at water balloons, attempting to break them as they are thrown.

Balloon And Darts

This game is perfect for older children or adults looking to play some water balloon games. Fill up several water balloons and attach the ends to a large corkboard or scrap wood. Place the board about 10 to 15 feet from the throwing line.

Provide players with plastic-tipped darts, and allow them to throw darts at the balloons. The player who pops the most water balloons wins.

Alternatively, you can use a permanent marker to assign point values on the balloons before playing.

Drip, Drip, Splash

Drip, drip, splash is a very wet twist on the classic game of duck, duck, goose. Before each round, poke a small hole in the bottom of a water balloon.

The player who is “it” walks around the circle of players, dripping on each in turn, until they “splash” the water balloon entirely on their chosen player. That player will, in turn, chase them around until making it around the circle.

The game continues in that way until everyone is thoroughly wet!

Capture The Flag

Play capture the flag, following traditional rules, with a few watery twists. Instead of tagging someone to send them to “jail,” players use water balloons to tag one another.

The flag itself could also be a water balloon, making it trickier to hide and to guard.

Water Balloon Games To Play Again And Again

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Water balloon games amuse all ages and help keep people cool in the hot summer months. Enjoy playing these games for years to come and find fun ways to put twists on the standard rules.

With a bunch of water balloons and a little imagination, those hot, sweaty days will be a thing of the past.

Have you tried any of these games? Do you know of any extras to add? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!


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